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The board

Dr. Sylvia Pallas

Dr. med. Sylvia Pallas, the founder, is a graduate ophthalmologist and former businesswoman. As a doctor, she has gained from her own practicing the conviction that long-term health without an inner framework cannot be achieved and maintained. Buddhism is a way to convey this inner framework through learning and experience.

Käthi Pavoni

K√§thi Pavoni¬†is another member of the board. She seriously started Buddhist meditation in 2003 and has done meditation retreats with various highly respected teachers in the Theravada tradition, such as Carole Wilson, Ajahn Amaro, Ajahn Sucitto, Jack Kornfield, David Goldstein, Patricia Genoud-Feldman, Sayadaw U Janaka. . She is especially thankful to¬†Ven. Bhante Vimalaramsi Mahathera,¬†Ven. Ajaan Tong Sirimangalo¬†and his student Phra Ofer Adi. Co-founding of this foundation is her way for showing gratitude. She is also on the board of the supporting association of the German Buddhist nunnery¬†Ane√Īja Vihara.

advisory council

Nelly Graf

Nelly Graf is a graduate engineer in electrical engineering and a specialist in work and career development for disabled people. A Buddhist since childhood she started practicing Vipassana meditation in 2000 and has done many retreats in Europe and Asia. She generously supports monastics and meditation teachers and is the 1st chairwoman of the supporting association of the Buddhist nunnery Ane√Īja Vihara.

The trustee

Dr. Rainer Burkhardt

The Board of Trustees is Dr. iur. Rainer Burkhardt, a practicing lawyer for tax and foundation law.

Technical Support

Jens Hartmann

Jens Hartmann is our IT specialist.


The Sati Foundation was recognized as lawful by the Regional Ministry of Freiburg and as non-profit by the tax and revenue office of Waldshut/Tiengen. The Tax Number is: 20001/67728.

The Sati Foundation exclusively and directly pursues charitable, non-profit purposes. In the interest of the common good, donations to the Sati Foundation are generally tax-deductible. Inherited assets contributed to the Sati Foundation are exempt from inheritance tax.

The Sati Foundation is run and managed by the founders exclusively on an honorary basis.

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