Project: Osmosis system for Aneñja Vihara

Location: Bavaria, Germany

Many of you have been to Anenja Vihara for a long time and have certainly noticed that we are supplied with spring water. Actually fantastic if this water came from a mountain spring!
Unfortunately, our source does not originate deep enough, so it is a so-called source with surface water, in which everything that is on the way or swims around is transported.

Despite regular, official drinking water testing and an existing UV system, there are often impurities in the water, which you neither see nor taste. In sensitive people, this leads to unpleasant stomach and intestinal problems after a few days / weeks. In order to keep this largely in check, we buy a lot of mineral water. And to save costs, which is always a concern of the nuns, mainly water has been bought in plastic bottles!!!
For these reasons alone ( Plastic, sustainability, health ) actually remains no other alternative!
The planned city water pipe is still a long way off, but even then the further use of the water filter system makes extremely sense. That is why we plan to purchase a bottom table reversing osmosis system, which is offered by a reputable Munich company in direct sales.
After intensive research and extensive advice, we are very impressed with the ‚ MisterWater ‘ products.

If you are open to our project and would like to support this, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!

The source with surface water:

Project: Osmosis system for Anenja Vihara

Sati Stiftung, Foundation for mindfulness

IBAN: DE68 5204 0021 0311 4477 00

Update September 2022

The water filter system is now installed. The nuns and monastery guests ( even the small ones ) can finally use water from the tap without getting stomach-dram problems. Many thanks to all donors and supporters!

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