'Whatever is subject to arising  is all subject to cessation.'

‘Train in acts of merit

that yield the foremost profit of bliss  —

develop generosity,

a life in tune

and a mind of goodwill.’

(Iti 22)

‘Someone who, with skillful deeds,

shuts the door on bad things they’ve done,

lights up the world

like the moon freed from a cloud.’

(MN 86)

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‘When a house is aflame,

the vessel salvaged

is the one that will be of use,

not the one left there to burn.

So when the world is on fire

with aging & death,

you should salvage (your wealth) by giving:

What’s given is well salvaged.’

(SN 1:41)

‘Mind precedes all mental states. 

Mind is their chief;

they are all mind-wrought.

If with a pure mind a person speaks or acts,

happiness follows him

like his never-departing shadow.’

(Dhp 2)


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