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Our Vision

A devata asked the Buddha: ,What can’t be stolen by thieves?‘ The Buddha answered: ,Merit can‘t be stolen by thieves!‘ -- Merit is the real reserve fund.

Our Mission

The Buddhist path as described by the Buddha is a path of goodwill and joy. The mission of the Sati Foundation, Foundation for Mindfulness, is to show people a practical application of the Buddhist path in order to enable people to deal with the superficiality and hectic pace of everyday life and to find inner peace and true happiness.
Supporting monastics

Despite emphasis on the original Buddhist texts, the Sati Foundation is guided by a contemporary Buddhism. Of course, differences in cultural history are noticeable, especially considering the role of women in society. The Sati Foundation therefore is committed to helping and supporting the Bhikkhunī Saṅgha, the female ordained, women on the Buddhist path as well as Buddhist nunneries.

meditation courses

The Sati Foundation is also particularly interested in supporting meditation courses for the development of tranquility and insight (samatha-vipassanā) which lead to the development of the mind and discernment.  Metta (goodwill/ loving kindness) meditation is of particular interest.

book projects

The teachings of the Buddha were transmitted orally for 500 years and then compiled and written down in the Pali Canon. They are recorded in the Pali language and thus the Sati Foundation is interested in researching and preserving this language. In addition, we support publications of Dhamma talks, book publications and translations.

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